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'Gjerdingan' is a word most commonly used to describe Northern European shepards. It is the slang of 'Herding', which is a word wich is used to describe farmers, and farm working methods.

In places such as Norway and Sweden, it is used as a last name (Second name) , and usually comes from the lower tips of the country, because that is where most people tend to farm or crop for the coming cold winters.

'Gjerdingen' can also be spelt with an 'a' instead of an 'e', but is recognised mostly with an 'e'.

Some people with this name have backgrounds of Viking history; The meaning in Viking latin is 'Leader'. Anyone with this name is usually called this, or has this as their second name due to a long heratige of leading, and is said to have the skills of a great, and out-going leader.

Sometimes, 'Gjerdingen' people are born with slight disabilities. One strength for them is Science and Maths, but one thing the do not have the compatability for is Music and Art.

Some are talented, but then lose the skills of leadership in return.
Some phrases 'Gjerdingen' refers to:
"Hello, my name is Miguel Gjerdingen"
"I am Gjerdingen the crops for harvest later on this year"
"Some people say I'm not such a Gjerdingen, but who cares? I'm an amazing singer!"

Phrase one refers to the name, phrase two refers to the 'Herding' word, and phrase three refers to the leadership skillage.
by Aimee Lisbone March 8, 2011
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