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A word to tell people of a group viewing that what you said before or are going to say is aimed at one or more people, without saying any names
Stop annoying me 🙄 ON MY BIRTHDAY *on snapchat story*
>>Aimed *on snapchat story*
by Aimed January 07, 2018
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Georgia's are usually people who like to tell everyone and anyone about how loyal they are, but will then go and slag you off to some other girls and kiss your man and tell you she didn't because she's extremely 'loyal' When you first meet a Georgia she will seem cute, and nice, but as you get to know her you will realise that she's just a self-centered bitch, who keeps banging on about how she's extremely loyal and shit.
I'm loyal babe, because that's me, I'm Georgia and I'm loyal
by Aimed July 17, 2018
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