3 definitions by AggressiveExile

The shit that comes out of acne.
Ew, Brad's scratching his acne. Here comes the face semen.
by AggressiveExile September 28, 2017
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The opposite of everything good about this world. An illiterate, homophobic, dried-up excuse for life with enough of daddy's money to hold the highest possible position of power in Trump's world of education.
People of Alaska: Thank god! The grizzly bear problem is finally solved. Trump must be genius for picking Betsy Devos.

Trump supporters: Let's take the power out of the few in Washington. Let's elect Betsy Devos, a dried up 1% billionaire who doesn't know the difference between proficiency vs. growth and yes vs. no.
by AggressiveExile February 7, 2017
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We would have.
We'd've passed English if our teacher wasn't an idiot.
by AggressiveExile April 11, 2017
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