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Gwen Stefani super kawaii angel with an awesome talent. Born October 3, 1969. First performed as NO DOUBT and now trying out a solo career. Any person that has insulting things to say about Gwen Stefani is just jealous that she can write, sing, look and perform better then you can. I think she is the most beautiful and talented woman alive. If she wants to go solo and gain popularity by her new poppy music and her obsession with harajuku girls then I say go for it. Shit if I could do that and make millions Id be doing it to. Not to mention her off the chain style. Lets see you bitches put on leopard print and look good?? If shes so damn stupid then how come shes married to super hott rocker Gavin Rossdale and just about everyone is obsessed with her purse and clothing line (including me)????????????? So lay off her shit until you can actually measure up to her! >>>>>Toni
Gwen Stefani- A non-stop beauty queen with Style and Attitude!
by AfatlAtrction2Qtness December 19, 2005
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