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To hold a book to your face in a sign of frustration, disappointment, embarrassment, horror, shock, surprise or sarcasm.
Apparently, John was embarrassed by his accident, so he facebooked himself.
by AeonZeon January 04, 2015

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1. A Gaming Term for attack moves that generally go upward. Compare 'Take Down' (Move), 'Give Out' (Synonym)
2. To surrender. Compare "Take Down", 'Give In'
Smith: "It's time for a Take Down, John!"
John "You got it coming!"
John took down (a smack) upon Smith
John "Give Up, Smith!"
Smith: "You got it coming!"
Smith gave up (a punch) upon John
It's a Draw!
by AeonZeon April 04, 2015

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A combination of You Too, and Surpise. Most Commonly used as a comeback retort.
"What's as bright a the moon?"
"Her ass"
'Her' - "Toucheda!"
by AeonZeon April 03, 2015

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