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n. A "PKikis" is a type of slang for a fairly modest, buff, well-bread, stalky, cool, friendly, can be a bit agitating at times, slightly malicious, but over all the most well brought up jock in town. This slang has become popular throughout the East-Coast in many populated urban and city societies. Used mostly in 'ghettos' of the East-Coast, and mainly in Virginia Beach, although it has spread through New York City and Connecticut.

v. To "PKikis" something is to make it stronger, more defined, and considerably reinforced. Also, it can be used as a way to tell people that they are hot.

adj. Someone is "PKikis" when they are muscular, attracted to many girls, and sometimes, that one lonely 'in the closet' white male with no friends.
"Bro, I just saw PKikis put up some nasty dunks on that twelve-foot hoop. Damn, his muscles were so defined!"

"Yo, I just PKikised that tree-house so hard. While I was in it, it didn't break, and I also Peter Kikised my girl too, amazing...!"

"Dude, that PKikis Joe is getting cooler every day.... it's so annoying."
by Admirer? December 02, 2009

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