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One of the founders of the Protestant branch of Christianity. He criticized many practices of the Catholic Church during his lifetime. Not to be confused with Martin Luther King, Jr.
Person1: Martin Luther had a dream that his four little children...
Person2: No, you're thinking Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther was the founder of Protestantism.
by administrator January 19, 2009

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What one says to someone else after wronging/intimidating (see Detroiting) someone in order to let the victim know that they have finished Detroiting them.
Andy steals Justin's wallet in a back alley, then proceeds to shoot his kneecaps. before leaving Andy exclaims "Detroit what?!" to Justin and escapes the scene of the crime.
by administrator July 09, 2013

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a wee sized homo sexual man in tE and in charge of nz servers. He enjoys making love to men and parading around in womens clothing.
* player kills newb with headshot from M4A1*
newb - omfg ffs ur such a de10-8
player - =(
*player has left the game*
by Administrator March 25, 2003

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A word that gay people use to interrupt other people. This word, other than interruption, means "I AM A FLAMING FAG."
"Hey, you're gay--"
by Administrator February 18, 2003

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A site full of foolish people who have nothing better to do other then jibber jabber 24/7 about how freakin bored they are, that they got nothing to do when they can spend mommy and daddy's money to go to a local club called club TEN and enjoy it for once and not complain about the place and appreciate what it is meant to be.
Clarksvegas is a bad town, full of gangstas like Trey and Steve, where they commit anal sex 24/7 at club 24/7.
by Administrator August 22, 2004

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A halfway decent movie that came out in 2008. It could have easily been a great movie, if it wasn't dragged out to 3 hours. So many scenes could have easily been eliminated and/or cut short.
Halfway through "The Dark Knight", I decided to take a nap to make it go faster. I woke up right before the credits, and had no regrets.
by administrator April 16, 2009

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