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Orania is the first town of an evolving Afrikaner nation inside South Africa. The new country will be known as Southwest Afrika and is designated for the Afrikaner people only. Anyone immigrating there must surrender their former titles to become Afrikaner.
The town is the first step to preserving the Afrikaner people in south africa from an unjust new South African government. Afrikaners must only be ruled by Afrikaners.
"Jan? Where are you and your family going? You're all packed for a Trekk!?!"
"Yes Peiter, we are Trekking to Orania. We are fed up with the disgrace that has become South Africa. Come Peiter, grab Marj and the children and trek with us...Orania is the first enclave to Suidwest Afrika! It is OUR ISRAEL."
"Yes Jan, we will follow, we too are sick of the great regression. Let me first spread word amongst my greater family. They too will come!"

by Adamo76 November 09, 2007
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