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A person from puerto rico and/or of puerto rican descent. They are Beautiful,diverse and Lively people comprised primarily of Taino, African and/or European origin.
I am of puerto rican origin.

Boy, Those puerto ricans sure are friendly.

Puerto Rican is not a race, it's an ethnic background.

The Puerto Rican culture is so spunky and Beautiful.
by Adamari May 09, 2005

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Jesus of Nazareth; the Son of Mary source of the Christian religion & Savior in the Christian faith; believed to be miraculously conceived by his Mother; received as great teacher by disciples and common people; preached redeeming love of God for every person; suspected of revolutionary aims as Messiah; seized by Romans but turned over to and crucified by Jewish authorities; believed by followers to have been miraculously resurrected; proclaimed by disciples and believers as Messiah and savior of all.
Jesus is nice.

I love Jesus, he is my friend.

Jesus saves, at walmart.

I found Jesus, he was hiding behind the sofa.
by Adamari May 09, 2005

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