2 definitions by Adam "the Cheese" Farmer

A concept introduced in Robert Cormier's novel, I Am the Cheese, which refers to day-to-day uncertainty in life that can result in everything from a vague feeling of discontent to crippling fear
Oh man. I can really relate to the concept of "the Never Knows", and, in my opinion, anyone who cannot is either very lucky or an extreme sociopath.
by Adam "the Cheese" Farmer May 14, 2010
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1. an orientation toward life that makes existence bearable and often allows even the most tenuous social relationships to remain intact

2. a practical, loose-and-easy life philosophy that is, for whatever reason, incredibly difficult for some people to adopt
I'm not sure why he dislikes me, I always liked him. Oh well. Live and let live, as they say.
by Adam "the Cheese" Farmer May 14, 2010
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