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Fg literally means "Friendly girl", it can be used in a variety of situations where one may want to talk about a girl but without actually referring to her directly, so the term fg may be used. Fg also has a double meaning now this cant be defined for it is for you to discover... the antonym (opposite) of an fg is called a "ufg" which means un-friendly girl (this has a double meaning as well)
Example 1

Guy 1: Woah! That girl over there is an fg!

Guy 2: Yeah man! Can't lie!


Guy 1: Do you think that girl is an fg?

Guy 2: Well sorta... Could be better

Example 2

Guy 1: Awww wtf?! That girl over there is a ufg!

Guy 2: I know man, she disgusts me!


Guy 1: Is that girl over there an fg?

Guy 2: Nah! Shes more like a ufg.
by AceW3RM November 15, 2011
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Phoure is another way of saying "hi", Phoure involves a small fanning motion using only four fingers and just barely tilting your hand maybe 45 degrees max, it also involves saying "Phoure" while you do this (sort of like how you would fan your self on a hot day but instead using only 4 fingers and not towards yourself, but instead of just using your hands you use your whole forearm like a fan but just barely tilting 45 degrees going up and down with four fingers)
Guy 1: "Phoure!"

Guy 2: "Hey what's up?"


Guy 1: "Phoure!"

Guy 2: "Phoure!"
by AceW3RM October 11, 2011
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