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A large and quasi-intelligent online community of spammers, flamers, Blizzard whores, and other assorted folk. Prolonged membership may distort one's perception of reality as well as render their social life nonexistant.

Examples of some famous personalities:

Traken: Infamous for closing threads. Often closes at the height of the fun.

Chaos(of the Right): Claims to be a moderator of Chit Chat but does next to nothing. Argue with at one's own risk.

Erwin: Only 5-green-star poster below the age of 7 years old. May attempt to leave, but always finds himself back at BF. Often is a pestilence easily rubbed out by large amounts of people talking against him.

Smoothware: Notorious spammer, also rather handy with a Photoshop program. Known for barely-legible posts, but lost his red stars in the Great Wayltn Thread Closure.

Gorbet: Forum's only true Australian member. Beware his Aussie-speak, it will corrode your brain.

Doombringer64: Incredibly satirical, fondly known as the Forum Jackass.

Kenji: Also known as the Forum Jackass. Sarcasm is second to none, but occasionally shows spots of brilliance when he tries to help people. Which isn't very often. German background may explain this phenomenon.
Blizzforums is heinously spammy.
by Ace88 August 16, 2005
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