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A term made to sound like a "tribal" title and have a similarity to the biblical phrase "agape". Meaning a close friend or brother this word is used to signify comradery and closeness without the use of possibly harmful racial slurs.
--Ash...Nigga why you always hangin' out with chris? You already know that bitch ass cracka aint got nothin in common wit'chu as far as social standing and racial background go?! Did he even vote for Obama?!
--Yo my homie...chillax brother. Chris aint white...he's Adupe...
--Gawd damn...dats some insightful shit right there man...like some Maya Angelou or some shit...
by Ace of Spades <3=I February 08, 2011
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A way to note someone who is awesome, tough, beast or bad ass. Originates from the old rumor that subliminal or "evil" messages were hidden in records and could be heard when played backwards.
--Damn Tony! I just heard you round house kicked Ricky...IN THE FACE!
--Ya...That guy should've known I play my records backwards...Damn I'm a beast.
by Ace of Spades <3=I February 08, 2011
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