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(n.)- Otherwise known as the "brotherly deuce*" or "bro deuce", this deuce takes priority over any and all other deuces. This deuce may only be called by a bro** once a week.

*deuce - slang for calling the second pull or hit on something being smoked.

**bro - this name and rights accompanying are only awarded to your closest of friends (see example 2)
"For the breuce is a very powerful deuce, and must be cherished wisely" -- MC Riot.

Moves Crew Inc. Ltd. Org. Com. Net. Tv. Edu.

Jameel: "Yo deuce on that blunt man."
Slappy: "Ok man no prob."
Shawn: "Yo Slappy, breuce."
Slappy: "Sorry Jameel, your beat"
Jameel: "Fuck you Shawn"
by Abubumuzu March 16, 2010

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