2 definitions by Abby Koehler

Tongue rolling noise, mostly associated with the latino races
Benny rolled his tongue, the "rrrrrrr" traveled into the mic, into the ear of the person on the recieving end, Abby, and she sighed gently
by Abby Koehler June 9, 2005
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A short sound created with the vibration of the lips; used for expressing disgust, sarcasm, attitude, or to just sound like a horse and annoy the hell out of people.
Person #1: "So, are you going to give me that money that you owe me?"

Person #2: "Phhbt! Yeah right."

Random Person: "Hey everyone! Listen to what I can do! ... Phhbt!"

Everyone: "That's not hard to do you idiot, anyone can sound like a horse."
by Abby Koehler May 31, 2005
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