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The most uncomfortable sitting position known to man. Female members of the British Royal Family, such as Princess Diana or Kate Middleton, tend to use to protect their modesty, while the male members are allowed to sit anyway they choose. It involves sitting with the knees and ankles tightly bound and slanted to one side. Not as preferable to the Cambridge cross, which involves crossing your ankles. One can only wonder how Kate Middleton keeps up that smile in public.
Bob: We’re going to a party today, sweetie. You should use the duchess slant when you sit.

Kate: I’d rather die.
by Abba Palindrome June 11, 2018

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A state of being where your mental health isn't the best and you always self-improve, often to varying degrees. It is perfectly normal as nobody is truly perfect.
Employer: Why have you had ten jobs in a single year?

Mary: Sorry, I am a work in progress.
by Abba Palindrome January 26, 2020

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1. A fast food chain that specializes in burgers.

2. A playful euphemism. “Playing checkers” involves, as it suggests, is a game of checkers you play with your significant other. The winner of the game gets to be on top afterwards.
I won the game of checkers! Let’s go and do it!
by Abba Palindrome June 11, 2018

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