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A person who wears skinny jeans, nose pierced, and ears gauged. Usually questionably homosexual. The popular apparel for this type is; tight leather jackets (probably made for women), crooked flat-billed hats, chucks, and don't forget the skinny jeans! There is only one type of haircut for this type, and that is, of course, a douchy one.

Let's not forget this type's inability to handle liquor, and their knack for puking over 3rd story balconies onto poor unsuspecting bi-standards.

These people are commonly mistaken for vampires, and may look as if they escaped from the Twilight set.
Haha, look at that Skinny Jeans puking on that slut.

Hey, this Skinny Jeans is passed out... Let's fuck him up.

That Skinny Jeans is a sub par paintball player.
by AaronCarterFan69 January 12, 2011
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