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An idiotic drunkard, that enjoys playing World of Warcraft, and asking girls to "the dance" while under the influence.
Me: "Gretchko, keep drinking, this stuff is only 15%."
The Gand: "Really? It doesn't taste like it it though."
Me: "Trust me, this is like beer, just keep drinking."
The Gand: "Well... Okay."
Some time goes by...
Me: "Gretchko, have you had enough?"
The Gand:"Ugh... yeah..."
Me: "Oh, well heres your phone, I think you should call Amanda."
The Gand: "B..b..but why?"
Me: "Well, you've been talking about her all night, and you said you don't have a homecoming date. And it's coming up pretty soon."
The Gand: "OH SHIIIIT.... y... you're right! Guys... guys... don't record it this time..."
Me: "Why would we?"
The Gand: "You're right.. you guys are... the best."
Ring, ring.
Amanda: "Hello?"
The Gand: "Ummm.... Amandaaaaa? I was just.. just calling, to ask you to... the dance."
Amanda: "Andrew, it's 1 AM, I think you're a little drunk."
The Gand: "Noooooooo.... but that means... no..."
Amanda: "Call me back later? Bye."
The Gand: "But... guhhhh...."
by AaronA October 25, 2006
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