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A wannabe gangster, or as the 'Plas-Gang' in question might say, "Gangsta!!" with unnecessary emphasis on the "sta!!" part. Odd. And the sort of things that a Plastic gangster might get up to are; 1. Telling other people to do things. 2. Getting other people to fight for them. 3. Generally doing everything that real gangsters would do, but with less conviction and intent. And then, when they get in real situations, they always wuss out of the whole thing. Like if they could smash up a fence, they'd be like, nope, sorry. Gotta go home for a bath. or...something.
1. "Hey man, you coming out tonight? We're smashing up an old barn?"
"Nah, I've....er...gotta go for a bath."

2. "Oi, you, get over here and fight this guy for me!"
"Cos' I'm a GANGSTAA!!"
"You're a fool."
"Hey, shut up."
"Screw you Smiley, I'm going home."

3. "Are you a Plastic Gangster?"
"Right-o. Get lost."
by Aaron R. Bourn November 05, 2005
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Cheese it, the fuzz! Is generally a term used when you are committing illegal or dubious activities and the local law enforcement officers arrive, looking to get up in your grill. 'Cheese it' was first heard in the gangster movies of the 50's, such as West Side Story and all them.

However, this current incarnation of the phrase was pioneered by T-Rex on the popular online comic Qwantz by Ryan North. Essentially, T-Rex is secretly stalking his fiend, Utahraptor. In the last panel, the local law enforcement get all at him, and so he shouts, 'Cheese It, The Fuzz!'
T-Rex: So what's happening with you Utahraptor?
Utahraptor: I've got a stalker
T-Rex: Cheese It! The Fuzz!

You: Hey, let's go tag up the place with our little symbols and generic stuff.
Buddy: Yeah, let's hit it.
You: Cheese It! The Fuzz
by Aaron R. Bourn May 05, 2007
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A type of hardcore rave music, which is led by an MC (Master Of Ceremonies.) This all-encompassing genre uses trance and dance with MC'd vocals to make it what it is. This type of music is a favourite in South American and African dance-halls, replacing the techno/house style with a more ethnic sound including various bass instruments.
1. "Yo man, check this New Monkey bizzle out,"
"yeah cool, that's superfly."

2. "Hey man, where you been at? We robbed the damn Store and we didn't have a driver, so Louie got popped!" "relax man, I was just mixing some fresh New Monkey," "Oh, cool man, 'nuff respec."
by Aaron R. Bourn September 14, 2005
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A very, very deceptively alcoholic cocktail that is can be concocted quite feasibly with cheap vodka but also works excellently with a more high-class vodka such as Absolut and Absolut Citron. Yummy.

The basis of this cocktail is lemon, and the cocktail itself is made by grabbing a big, tall glass and filling it with ice. (You've gotta have it chilled baby!) Then, you squeeze a whole load of Lemons into the bottom of the glass, adding a tonne of Vodka, Lemonade, and topping off with a Lemon Slice. So, basically, it's gonna get you destroyed because you can't even taste the Vodka in it.

What happens is that you drink one, and that's already two shots of Vodka right there, but you can't taste it, so you have a couple more, you still fell OK, so you end up having five Collins, and then when you try to leave, oh, you can't feel your legs. Oops.

Revered in many circles because, even though real men are supposed to drink Budweiser and other generic Lagers, a Collins is much more impressive as a measure of how much alcohol you can handle.
1. "What are you drinking tonight Mikey? Beer, like a real man?"
"Er...No. I think I'm on the Collins' tonight. Yeah, Lemon-fresh."
"Good GOD!!"

2.(after 5 Collins')..."Come on Toni, I've got the munchies, time to go."
"Yeah...(mumbles)... cooooo...BANG!(Falls on floor.)"

3. "What the hell are you doing with that Tesco Value Vodka?"
"Making Collins'."
by Aaron R. Bourn November 23, 2005
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