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The act of dropping a newborn on its head shortly after birth.
Please direct your thoughts and prayers to little Jimmy, Nurse Butterfingers had a midwife crisis.
by Aaron Gibbs September 02, 2007
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The enticing or grotesque aroma expelled from the vagina of a woman.
1) 'Dear diary, the girl I adore has the most amazing lady front whiff I've ever had the privilege of breathing into my nasal cavities.'

2) "Looks can be deceiving bro I'm tellin' ya," He said with the screwed up face of an orange pumpkin.
"That chick from the pub last night had the tits and ass that measured to 'phi', but I soon found out when I took her home that she had the worst lady front whiff I've ever gagged on."
They BOTH spewed! :D
by Aaron Gibbs September 02, 2007
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1) The sound of emphysema represented in wheeze, leading up to an eruption of laughter.

2) The last name of the television host Mike Whitney that starred in the blockbuster series' 'Who Dares Wins' & had a 12 year cricket career no one knows about.
Mike Whitney's laughter indicates emphysema, hence 'Definition 1'.
It's funny when people you know do it.
1) Bhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhee eeeeeeea hahhahaha that was the grossest whitney ever, awesome!!

1) Oh. My. God. Did you hear that woman whitney? I swear it lasted 23 seconds before laughter sound came out!
I'd give her 5 years at the most.
by Aaron Gibbs September 02, 2007
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