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The day super cool people are born on, especially names starting with an A. They like dogs but their family members don't like taking pictures of them though.
I am born on 12 April

I look good in a bikini because I'm born on 12 April
by AMG133 January 25, 2021
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South African Indian slang word used to describe how nice, cool, awesome or extraordinary something is, regardless of what it is.

Or could be used as a curse word to swear someone
1.Hey these burgers are maadhir

2.Hey thats a maadhir place to go to

3.You know whats maadhir? your watch

4.Hey that guy, he's a maadhir

5.You check how maadhir his rims look on his cab?

now, one can also use it as a swear word.

eg: Hey you madhir, come here before I give you a klap
by AMG133 December 8, 2010
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