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Is a fetish thing to do. You hold the man's cock and take his nutsac and slap it until he tells you the safe word or if he bleeds. It is also used by gays,hetero and sometimes girls with cocks.
Gasser nut spanked his boyfriend will he nut spanked him back.

That hooker was a good nuts spank because she had a cock of her own.
by AJ Khalifa January 10, 2010
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to fit your whole nutsac in a girls or guys mouth.Your cram it in there.It can also considered erotic if she or he bites the nutsac.
Gasser nutcramed his boyfriend abdalla last night after breaking each others pelvuses.
by AJ Khalifa February 25, 2010
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A rubber is a condom and a rubber band is when you ejaculate in a condom and you stretch it and fire the cum filled condom at your partner face. Also known as a facial.
Gasser rubberbanded his boyfriends after anal sex.

As he came,his girlfriend asked him to rubber band her.
by AJ Khalifa January 10, 2010
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