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An incredibly intelligent girl, who is beautiful on the inside as well as the out. She is outgoing, lively, loyal, got the most amazing personality, the best friend and girlfriend you can ever have because she will make sure that everything is perfect (in a crazy sort of way) all the time, she's artistic, crazy and yet still modest.

She hates compliments, but loves to give them.

She also hates her name, though others wish to have it.

She can make ANY guy swoon (even if she's not their type), and ANY girl jealous (even if they're gorgeous themselves), no matter who or how old they are. Did I mention she is absolutely gorgeous? Hot? Sexy? Modest?
She's got a perfect body, perfect face, perfect at everything she does, just...perfect.

Thing is, she doesn't even have to be good at anything, but she can somehow make anything perfect.

Even people that may not like perfect people, they seem to end up liking (or most likely loving) her anyway.

Plus, she won't let a guy get bored. Ever. *wink wink*
Guys within sight of Ruby: *Thinking 'Wow, she's beautiful' and then stopping and staring*
Ruby: *Doesn't notice anything even slightly strange*
by AGirlCalledRuby July 09, 2011

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