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Often associated with a program. Add-on refers to an additional feature not included in the inital release, available later usually as a download.
The new Internet Explorer add-on allows you to permanently highlight text in yellow so you can see important information.
by ADB October 12, 2003
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A group of immature townies that are at the moment the dominant townie group in Weymouth, in the south west of england.

They are easily identified. They wear baseball caps at allmost 45 degrees. they walk around the streets in small groups, and loudly swear at each other. They also pretend to preform cung-fu and other martial arts moves (without much sucess). Although they act so immature, some members of the THC posse are actually up to 30 yrs of age! Other traits include living in council houses/flats with lots of kids, and owning Vaxhall Novas with incredibly large exhausts and incredibly small engines. Some have a criminal record for beating up their girlfriend/mother, and allmost allways use their criminal record as a status symbol.
The THC posse is named after delta-9-tetrahydracanabinol. The active ingrediant of the marijuana plant. however most members dont even know what THC means!
by adb October 14, 2004
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