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A very tasty beer brewed in Holland. Unfortunately this brand of beer has become the "beer of choice" for douche bags all around the USA. This popularity with the douches tends to discourage some people from enjoying it due to the fear of being labeled as a douche bag. It is grossly unappreciated and has been given a bad name due to DB usage.
John: Hey what's your favorite beer?
Alex: Well I think Heineken is a great beer, but i try not to drink it around other people
John: Why not?
Alex: Because every douche bag in the world drinks like a pussy and they pretend to like it. I don't want to be labeled as a DB so i try not to drink Heineken in public
John: Those fucking douche bags ruin everything
Alex: I know; i'll have a double Johnnie Walker Black, Neat
by ACredibleSource2 June 12, 2009
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