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Term with origins within the United States Army, particularly the corps of paratroopers, used as a derisive term towards non-airborne qualified soldiers. Literally an acronym, meaning any of the following:
Lesser Effective Ground Trooper, Low Energy Groundpounder. alternate spelling: LEGG, i.e., Low Energy Ground Ground.
You dirty nasty Leg, you will never amount to anything.

That Lieutenant is a Leg--what the fuck good can he be?
by ABN October 04, 2004
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v.---in military circles, the "monkey fucker" is an excercise used to warm up for a physical exercise session. The individual or persons performing the Monkey Fucker squat in such a way that their arms go between their legs, and around to the outside of their ankles. the exercise consists of lowering the hips repeatedly, and the appearance this gives is what lends the exercise its name.
Hey, that guy is doing the Monkey Fucker! Damn that shit looks funny!
by ABN October 05, 2004
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Any liberal person, liberal meaning politically left-leaning.
Goddamn, these liberals are a bunch of fucktards. Those fucktards, driveling with their liberal fucktardedness.
by ABN October 05, 2004
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