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Billie Eilish is a 16 year old music artist. Born and raised in Los Angeles, She makes music with her brother/best friend Finneas O’conell. They are on tour and have a ep called “don’t smile at me”. Billie Eilish does not have a tune she wants to be everything she can be.
*you should see me in a crown playing*
Friend: who’s that? Sounds dope!
Me: Billie Eilish, she’s amazing.
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by A1.mee September 01, 2018

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A Afro Latina girl who will soon to be changing the world. Aimee loves being open to anything and Billie Eilish. She is also very beautiful and a Virgo so she is a down to earth person and is very loyal but, do not lie to her.
Friend: who inspires you the most?
Friend 2: Aimee Villeda
Friend: Aimee Villeda???
Friend 2: she’s amazing let her do her thing.
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by A1.mee December 05, 2018

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