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Facebook friends who like everyone's status updates, pictures, or comments no matter who's they are, or what they say.
Jane Smith: Went to the vet today and saw my friend from college!
Joe likes this

Pic of me and my third cousin Stan
Joe likes this
Ryan: Joe you're such a Like-Whore
by A.Roo July 16, 2010
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The time of day most of your friends will visit facebook. Usually when you post your status during the day when people are at work, no one will see it and therefore you will get no comments. But usually between 6-10 friends will check others statuses and comment.
"Melanie, how com no one commented or liked the picture of Emmitt sleeping on my work shoes?"
"Well Allie, did you post it during prime-post-time?"
by A.Roo April 27, 2010
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Synonym for "I'm going to the bathroom" at Dodger Stadium, since they play Vin's commentary over the speakers in the bathrooms there.
I'm going to listen to Vin Scully and grab a beer.
Again? You just listened to him like 2 innings ago!
by A.Roo July 21, 2010
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