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A title given to a mischievous & sneaky person, an expert thief or pickpocket. Sometimes given to hacker, programmer or prankster.

Also a nickname for someone small and cute.
Stanley "Mouse" the mischievous American artist who repainted the facade at The Box back in highschool.

Mouse the Master Thief, a title believed to be passed on for centuries in Japan. A thief who steal anything after properly alerting authorities of his intentions.

Dr Mikhail was nicknamed "Mouse" back in UK. He may have ADHD.

Mouse is an expert computer programmer who assists in the construction of several training programs in "The Matrix".

Mouse ("Tikus" in Malay), a Malaysian boy known for his ability to sneak pass through anything and anyone. Escaped police custody, trespassed highly restricted areas, caught once in a university control room but escaped from the security interrogation room. Seems to have a knack for challenging authorities.
by A. Amir May 06, 2011
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