4 definitions by A-Lex

When you're too ashamed to look the person you're banging in the eye. The modern day paper bag.
"She's not that cute but I would spoon bang her." - Guy
by A-Lex May 16, 2014
The most successful guy in the world ( also known as most handsome guy)
You A_?
I'm A-Lex...
by A-Lex November 22, 2021
Run by Bill Gates who wants to have complete dominion over the Earth
Interviewer: Mr. Gates why are you trying to form a Monopoly?
Gates: Monopoly's just a game, I'm trying to control the fucking world.
by A-Lex March 10, 2006
A word by 閪口米,which means “very goodest”.
by A-Lex April 6, 2022