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A crotch stain is a stain usually on your under wear. If you have a really bad crotch stain than it will protrude onto ur pants. Crocth stains can consist of: pee, poop,blood,seamen, or all of the above. Doctors estimate you will get at least two a year.
* in a business offfice*
"Uh carl come here"
"Yeah joel?"
"You have a crotch stain."
"oh my god no way"
"im not lieing look for urself"
"thanks joel"
"no problem i had one last week"
carl ties a sweater around his waist till lunch break when he can change his pants.
by A wise woman January 29, 2007
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A peanut is a little cheezy white ball that you hack up. But a peanut is a form of hallitosis. it is a little white ball no bigger than a pinkie nail. If you choose the path of crushing it you will be emerged in a really raunchy smell basically it smells like shit. so i advice you not too. If you get a peanut its not all that good. Dont go showing it around. Peaunts accur when you dont brush ur teeth so brush ur teeth and you wont have to experience it. Doctors have said it is common to get about 2 a year.
what the heck is this thing?
"Hey Chris what is this thing"
"ah man thats a peanut dont crush it"
"ur fingers will smell like shit"
moments later Tom crushes it
"oh my god thats nasty!"
he thinks to himself
"i wil never crush one of those things again!"
by a wise woman November 03, 2006
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