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Let’s talk about the most scary, disgusting, disturbing thing I’ve seen since Obama.

Undertale Fans.

Not just the people that like the game, I mean the fucking bitches that ship soriel, make Sans x Reader lemons, and post nude pictures of a skeleton on the internet.

If you are one of these people, please, don’t be afraid to ask a responsible adult for help.

These types of Undertale Fans are disgusting narcissistic people who fight over a fictional skeleton.

Who the fuck writes the lemons?

Okay, I get it, Sans can have a magical glowing dick because he can preform magic and he’s a fucking skeleton that can talk, I get it.

But, who the fuck would want to be fucked by a 2D Monster?

Seriously, why?

People, get a hold of yourselves!

If you want examples, look at Underlust Undertail or Sans x reader lemons!!

People, get some help already!! This is fucking bullshit!

Every game gets ruined by fan girling bitches and lewd people!

I can’t enjoy pictures of Undertale without thinking of some stupid ass ship!

Jeez people, seriously, get. Some. HELP!!

You’re such Undertale Fans!
by A normal Undertale fan July 3, 2018
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The deadest social media of them all.....

Vine is still popular because there are tons of Vine compilations on YouTube, but nobody is making new Vines.

One day, Vine will die out completely....
Guy 1: I made a new Vine today!
Guy 2: Oh boy, didn’t you know Vine is dead?
by A normal Undertale fan October 9, 2018
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