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A popular river activity in the sticks of NH usually taking place after dark (dusk) to retrieve hornpout, a bottom-dwelling, catfishlike creature with stingers.
What are you doing Friday night, wanna go hornpoutin'?

Me and Moe, we go hornpoutin' on the weekends, ayut.

I tell you what, if you get stung after hornpoutin', you best wash in HOT water, clean and see a doctor if the swelling and bleeding doesn't stop in 1-2 days.
by 91 Riv November 30, 2011
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You have eaten too much, also known as a food baby, causing a distended belly.
After Thanksgiving, I ate too much and was in my Third Trimester, I had to roll out the door.

You don't look so good, are you in your Third Trimester after snacks at CC's?
by 91 Riv November 30, 2011
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