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A doujinshi about two guys, Kanata and Takkun. Takkun gets rejected all his life so his friend Kanata helps him by pretending to be his girlfriend. Things go sideways real fast as they caught feelings for each other.
Ice cream isn't what's written in the script... the correct line is "want me to play pretend girlfriend now?"
A few minutes later
Let's rub our dicks together.
by 8we6oqd4wq May 23, 2020
a dog that is up
person 1: up dog.
person 2: what?
person 1: ask then.
person 2: what is up dog?
person 1: a dog that is up
person 2: oh.
by 8we6oqd4wq May 1, 2020
Supporting someone/something who's not supposed to be supported

Being an overly loyal fanatic to the point they look stupid
by 8we6oqd4wq December 1, 2021
This guy has actual definitions on urban dictionary compared to Jesus, which are mostly jokes.
Muhammad had many wives
by 8we6oqd4wq May 2, 2020
Engaging in homosexual activities for the money even though you're not gay
Someone: I'm not gay but $5 is $5
Someone else: You're gay4pay for $5??!
by 8we6oqd4wq May 2, 2020
A penis with feminine characteristics, usually belongs to a trans woman, femboys, or traps

Doesn't necessarily has to be small, can be any size, horse cock long even, but for whatever reason are feminine. They smell good (like mangoes and yogurt), usually pinkish, looks soft and cute just like their owners, VERY sensitive, and are delicate. Wash with soap and warm water first.
"And please remember! It's not gay, if it's a feminine penis!"
- Big Man Tyrone
by 8we6oqd4wq November 18, 2021
search it up, it's good and will make you ask your sexuality ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
it's not gay if it's almosttoasty
by 8we6oqd4wq May 13, 2020