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Pixie is a 6th grader attending to a Middle School(6-8). A pixie is usually a noob-sauce, weak-sauce, short, have tucked in pants, wares long socks, and always carries their roller backpacks around. Pixies in brunch/lunch time usually plays wall ball, skill, 4 square, tag, freeze tag, butts up (tennis ball game), roller backpack racing, and sometimes jump rope.
-Pixies in middle schools are the lowest of the low.
-Pixies usually goes to lunch earlier than 7th and 8th graders, but they always end up last in line cuase they always cut in front of the pixies, and gets picked on.

-Wow, lol I haven't noticed that the pixies in Miller Middle school gets shorter and shorter.
-Pixies at miller gets gayer each year.
-Wow, the school looks more spacious when the pixies are gone science camp!
by 8th Grader August 15, 2007

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