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1.) A derogatory term used to describe the way people with developmental disabilities talk, think, and feel.

2.) An offensive term used for people with severe to high functioning developmental disabilities who have limited (verbal) communication (mainly for people with autism).

3.) Term used for people who aren't very bright nor articulate.

4.) Comments for people who talk or act emotionally like children.

5.) A secondary term for calling people retards.

6.) Describing someone who is illiterate.

7.) Describing someone who's use of saying words is very simple.

8.) Whining and / acting like a child.

9.) Acting childish.

10.) Term used for people who struggle with language and verbal communication.
"Forrest Gump was not only a person with limited intelligence, but he was a child-speaker as well because of his limited intelligence."

"This student in my history class was so stupid, he hardly ever talked like us. Like, he was just more of a child-speaker than a teen dialect."

"JACK! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? You're acting like a child! You've been driving me crazy all day! You're such a child-speaker and can't even give any reasoning!"

"My mom was so sick with the flu, she was a child-speaker throughout most of the day."
by 89BR August 19, 2009

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