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A term usually used by White Power Skinheads when a person is being beaten using their steel toe boots. They will kick simultaneously upon the victim inflicting a great deal of pain.
"Gather round and join in. Break his jaw and crack his chin. Watch his teeth fall on the floor. Smash his head against your toe! BOOTPARTY!" Intimidation One - Bootparty
by 88 August 27, 2006

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A growth of black to reddish thick or coarse hair that resembles a tarantula's legs. Most concentrated around the anus & protruding from the intergluteal cleft or "butt crack". Typically found in human males but can effect the female sex as well.
My manantula is so hairy it looks like a tarantula is slammed between my ass cheeks!
by 88 June 08, 2018

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