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The music that owns all other music, especially rap. The people who say that 50 Cent is mors talented than someone like Beethoven need to grow up. Fortunatly there's still hope for people like them. When I was young I incorrectly believed rap to be the best form of music and when I heard classical music I shoved my headphones in and turned up the volume. I'm lucky this didn't result in permanent hearing damage so now I can listen to real music. All this goes to show that...

1. I've listened to both rap and classical so I'm qualified to say that classical is more enjoyable

2. You don't need to be an old person to listen to classical music since last time I checked 15 wasn't old


3. Rap becomes old real fast and has no lasting value, which is why I sought out different types of music (there's only so much bitching about hoes, money, and guns that you can take and classical isn't the only type of music I listen to)
The only people who say that rap is better than classical are those who haven't ever listened to it for fear that they might actually like it more than rap.
by 8746685674634 March 16, 2006

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