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Lombard is home to the infamous glenbard east high school and montini catholic high school. Both of these schools include slutty girls getting way too drunk every weekend and then posting about it on social media. Lombard is the only town that puts pride in flower. They have an entire park deticated to their lilacs as well as several ceremonies a year for this flower. The only good part about lombard is it's close proximity to Chicago which makes it easy to aquire a large variety if drugs. Don't be fooled by this because it is not as great as it may seem. The people of Lombard tend to have low IQs and manage to get pulled over and/or arrested for possession almost as often as they lie about the amount of hours they spend mastrubating each day.
If you say "free weed" in the mirror three times, a hoe from Lombard will appear on your dick.
by 60148 November 22, 2013
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