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Free Jodi Arias is a movement to get Jodi Arias free'd and taken out of jail because sis did nothing wrong!
Person 1: Free Bri-
by 5layyyter April 19, 2022
Jodi Arias is a girl boss that was arrested in 2008 for murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander for cheating. She is the queen of manipulation and lying about the case but we all know she’s correct. FREE JODI ARIAS
Random1: Who is Jodi Arias?
Random2: A girl boss that got arrested for murdering her ed that cheated.
Random1: Oh wow.
by 5layyyter March 24, 2022
Catherine Slater, born in St. Louis on 9/17/96, formally known as slayyyter is a hyper pop singer & songwriter. Slayyyter is known for some of her popular hits such as 'Mine' 'Daddy AF' & her Gimme More Remix. Slayyyter started her career independently on Soundcloud in 2018, she later created her first song 'BFF' with Ayesha Erotica. Later on that year she started releasing more songs
Person1: Do you know who the queen of hyper pop is?
Person2: Who?
Person1: It's Slayyyter!
by 5layyyter September 17, 2021