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A common word that has no real meaning but it is used as a joke.
:h :h frink

Are Frink
by 575462375632579832569782 March 2, 2022
Systematic oppression via a military compound campus which does not allow anything outside the location and or campus's policy to be permitted under the social cognition "program". It also removes elements of society that the location determines to be a violation of set policies in which the subjects are put in white rooms where they are reprogrammed.
Better be sure to not end up in the Break Room or that's the last thing you'll do!

Did you hear the screams that came from the Break Room last week?
by 575462375632579832569782 September 27, 2022
Ritualistic butcher shop in run by archaic methods in downtown Petaluma, California. The shop is well known for the use of human meat from the traitors of the butcher revelation. The shop is also well known for containing a 26666 story basement complex which are used during rituals and meat harvests in the fall.
I lost my brother to Le Shacke's meat harvest last fall.

How many types of meat does Le Shacke sell?
by 575462375632579832569782 September 27, 2022
A revolutionary anti Anovaian, anti establishment ideology that originated from Le Shackeian thought. Elements include removal of Autismos which cleanses the soul. A shared importance of butchers in society and worhsip of William Wonka Shake Man. Anova views this ideology as a modern day incarnation of the Anti Christ or something similar.
by 575462375632579832569782 September 27, 2022