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In a real-time online conversation of a technical nature, "google lag" is the 30 - 60 second delay between a person asking a question or making a statement and the time someone who has recently joined the conversation responds - the implication being that the newcomer is having to check google for information on the subject matter just to know what the hell everyone else is talking about. As excess of lag time can be indicative that someone who is never-the-less speaking excessively authoritaviely is actually pulling what they're saying off of google as much as they're pulling it out of their ass.
The following conversation is an example of "google lag"

14:19:24 <Debolaz> And quantum computers will shatter the Internet's encryption! :D
14:19:43 <skye> theorhetically, although quantumn encryption methods based on Schroedingers Cat based theories of quantumn observation have already been successfully defeated in a lab.
14:20:00 *** f00 has joined #$bar
14:20:01 <Debolaz> Schr├Ědingers cat was a thought experiment to demonstrate how absurd the copenhagen interpretation of qm was. Sch├Ědinger himself did not believe the cat would be both dead and alive.
14:20:10 <skye> true, but that wasn't my point
14:20:23 <toor> yeah, it was the idea of not being able to observe a photon without changing its state and therefore changing the hash value of the data being transmitted.
14:21:14 <f00> Schroedingers Cat has to do with observing a cat in a box, what's that got to do with data
by 51363 September 18, 2006
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See: google lag The amount of time it takes for someone to contribute intelligently to a technical conversation after initially joining it.
Your wiki lag is terrible.
by 51363 September 18, 2006
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