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"Original Meme"
"You have died of dysentery" with Oregon Trail image on a t-shirt is an OG meme.

"Photoshop. Helping the ugly since 1988."

"Jesus is Coming. Look busy."
by 415lovebayweed May 30, 2012

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causing embarrassment by the malfunction of technology.

Often occurs in group situations where one is attempting to play music or share other media. Common causes are broken speakers, slow internet, or not having up to date equipment.
Oh shit, I swear this video is really cool, but it won't load. So technomiliating!

It was technomiliating trying to watch a movie with that chick, because I couldn't get the DVD player to work.

I was so technomiliated during the road trip because I didn't have the converter for the tape deck.
by 415lovebayweed May 30, 2012

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