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NORTH ORANGE COUNTY- North County of Orange is diverse, it's very close to Long Beach, Bellflower, and whittier. Its most popular citys are : Anaheim, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Fullerton Westminister, and Fountain Valley. The citys listed above are considered the more edgy, raw areas of OC. Its populated by Whites, Blacks, Asians, and Mexicans. There are alot of Hypsters, Gangsters, Low Lifes, Deadbeats, and Junkies. In these citys you can find alot of good food for cheap. All though Orange County has the reputation to be wealthy don't let the North Side deceive you, its nothing like the southside. Stay on mainstreets, don't go down side streets or allies, you will get robbed. Life styles of North OC : Graffiti/Street Art Party/Beer/Marijuana Mexican Food. Skateboard/Surfboard communitys. Many young teens in NOC will band together and live on the traintracks, abandon buildings in industrial areas, unless they are in a gang, then they support eachother. Most Adults dont make ends meat, they become homeless. North Orange County is rough because its population is to high and the amount of employment is low. NOC is much less wealthy than West Los Angeles. Apartments in Anaheim or Santa Ana that or 4 bdr can go from anywhere to 400-1200 a month. A NORTH SIDER WILL GIVE U THEIR LAST HOT CHEETO.
SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY- South OC is the definition of a bubble. It is not diverse at all. A SOUTH SIDER DOESNT EVEN EAT HOT CHEETOS.
Meghan: Whats the OC like?

Juan: Which one? County Orange North or County Orange South?

Meghan: Whats the Difference?

Juan: well... Orange County is a bag of marbles see.
by 310tildawn May 30, 2011

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