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A large wild animal. Often found in northern wisconsin. Commonly known for sticking things in its ass, and mates with close relatives. Often times they abandon their young, only to adopt other creatures as young, as long as the mother has an income ( sticks berries or rocks.) the life expectancy is not known but known to be short due to its inability to support itself. Do not approach if seen your butthole will be in danger
I saw a lance larock fornicating its cousin

That lance larock stuck a whole tree stump up its bum!

I thinkthe lance larock tried to stick it in my arse, but i couldn't tell.
by 3.14spacecase July 17, 2018
Sexy motherfucker with his hair flowing through the wind n shit
I wish i could get my hair to do the zachary yellow
by 3.14spacecase July 17, 2018