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A hoe is a derogatory word to describe a person that is emotionally detached from the act of having sex and only interested in greater sexual gratification or having sex for money, or a woman who sleeps with a number of men in such a close time period that if she where to become pregnant she could not determine who the father is (also known as a community milkshaking) unless she had a paternity test or a doctor tell her how many days ago the child was conceived or a person who has low self esteem and sleeps with many people in a short time period without requiring exclusivity from any one person, in order to feel validated.
This hoe said her husband is a good lover but she can't stop having sex with me with me cause I'm better in bed.

This hoe went to Cancun and had sex with two guys in one week and now she's pregnant and doesn't know who the father is or where they could be found.
by 2pacNDR April 27, 2006

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