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Stands for All-Pro-Football 2k8. An american football video game developed by 2k sports. No NFL License, and teams are fictional (Los Angeles Legends, Boston Minutemen, Washington Federals,etc.) and teams have legends(John Elway, Dick Butkus, Walter Payton) You must create your own team, with total custimization, and is closer to football than Madden ever will be.
Person:Wanna play some Madden?
Me:Screw that, APF2k8 is way better, and 2k Sports should put out another game. APF2K14!!!!!!
by 2k>EA14 March 30, 2013
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A Minecraft noob is someone who is new to minecraft, and does not know much about it. Some examples are, but not limited to
-Thinking Redstone is rubies.
-Tries to make coal/lapis tools
-Goes out at night with leather armor and a wooden sword
-Makes a dirt house
-Tries to punch stone
-Gladly trades his diamonds for gold
-Digs straight down/up
Here is an example of a Minecraft Noob:
Rockee3: Yay i found diamonds!
Simba94: Cool. Say, ive got this gold pickaxe.
Rockee3: Ok, I'll trade you my 7 diamonds for your golden pick.
Simba94: Ok, *throws pick*
Rockee3:*throws diamonds*
Simba94 (to himself): Gee, what a noob
by 2k>EA14 August 20, 2013
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