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Cadets usually aged 12-18, some up to the age of 21 can join the Civil Air Patrol and choose from a wide variety of activities. A very rewarding, yet draws negative attention by some idiots.

There are three kinds of cadets;
1.) Those who actually sit and learn about the values of leadership and aerospace power. These cadets usually end up earning prestigious awards and will become military and business leaders of the next generation.
2.) Those who kind of just do nothing and have no idea why they're there. These cadets quit after the first 1-2 years.
3.) Those idiots who buy tactical gear and Kevlar with their parents money, dressing themselves up like an Air Force Pararescueman or an Army Green Beret and act hardcore when they've probably never even shot anything more powerful than a BB gun. Cocky, yet extremely insecure. See also: poser
Take off that tactical gear dumbass, you're not in the military, just a Civil Air Patrol Cadet.
by 2dLT July 18, 2011

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