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A type of insurance one has when you think you're about to take an "L" or loss.
Example 1.

Person A: You're really gonna fight him? He's a heavy weight champ.
Person B: Don't worry...I got that L insurance. I'll bounce back.

Example 2.

Person A: I wound't race that Mustang if I were you...He's pushing 800hp to the wheels.
Person B. It's cool. I have L Insurance. I'll claim I couldn't get traction down the line.
by 23T_Duratec_XR May 10, 2017
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Me: You see Jazlyn walking down the block?
Friend: Yea.
Me: On gawd she's TTB.
Friend: What?
Me: She's so thick tatted and brown
by 23T_Duratec_XR August 10, 2021
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A person who flaunts money during the months of February through April and mooches off of others for the rest of the year.
Person 1: Yo you heard James copped that new whip?

Person 2: The 2007 Benz with 150k....? He's a W2 baller. Just last week he asked to hold a couple dollars for a chopped cheese. Smh.
by 23T_Duratec_XR January 11, 2017
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