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a muthafucka that just can't seem to keep their hands of of other people's shyt. For example, a person who goes into Wal*Mart and just has the urgency to open a pack of permanent markers just to steal the red and green ones, or the crazy ass classmate that walks by and blatantly takes your brand spankin' new lead pencil off of your desk.
This kleptomaniac bastard just walked by and took my damn napkin...
by 20Breezy09 May 08, 2009
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It is the 2nd stage of bitchassness. It is related to a person that has a negative aura. This disease occurs when people either:
a) have a negative attitude towards you/your actions
b) always have something to say eveytime the see you
c) whenever someone just does the dumbest thing, but the outcome of their actions is negative
You're always running your mouth! Get your bitchassness and asshole-ocity infected ass out of my face!!
by 20Breezy09 May 05, 2009
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